Eco Mosquito Mission

Eco Mosquito Mission (EMM) is an established global company for mosquito control with the mission to reduce mosquito populations and all of their inherent diseases without the use of toxic pesticides.  


EMM is an environmentally conscious company that does not use toxic pesticides. Through years of research and application of the EMM method throughout the world, we can show a significant reduction of the mosquito population for the clients we have serviced.  Our labor and procedure based process saves the environment and your guest’s health and well being as well as eliminating the costly price of traditional insecticide spraying.  These traditional methods can be shown to be ineffective at best.

Give EMM an hour of your time to check your property and they will provide an invaluable analysis and several plans of action to solve your mosquito problem. 

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EMM  Protects You From the World's Deadliest Creature

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