About the Mission and Method

The EMM method is based on over 3000 hours spent in rice fields, jungles, urban developments, hotels,  resorts, and anywhere you can imagine. By knowing the mosquitoes' habitats and breeding places in relation to building structure, irrigation and plumbing systems, kitchen areas, septic and sewage system, landscape and fauna, gutter systems, waste management, pools and pump rooms, water features and bordering property, EMM will manage and then maintain your mosquito population. 


We offer a custom mosquito mission method based upon the home or property size and the scale of the mosquito problem.  


How the Mosquito Mission Method Works

Initial inspection for breeding and feeding grounds to include:

  • House structure and sub-structure

  • Roofline/gutters

  • Fenceline and bordering property

  • Landscaping and fauna

  • Water systems (hoses, ponds, birdbaths), irrigation, plumbing

  • Standing water traps

  • Trash cans/waste management

  • Septic field/tanks

  • House steam/exhaust vents

  • Air conditioning and heating units

  • Outdoor decks

  • Structural hiding places to include brick, stone, wood, plastic

After the initial intensive inspection, EMM will take immediate steps to eliminate mosquito breeding and feeding grounds on your property. Additional treatment to include eco-friendly mosquito traps and larvicide for soil/plants will be recommended as part of the maintenance plan to keep your mosquitos at a greatly reduced population. EMM takes persistent application and typically 3-months of maintenance to stay optimally effective.  After the inspection analysis, we will provide you with a long-term plan and cost for ongoing maintenance. 

Mark Miklosovich has an extensive background in medical and biological research. In 2014 he was exposed to the eco-friendly approach of mosquito control during a presentation at the Green School by an eco-control expert in Bali.   Mark Miklosovich implemented the idea in Bali and then expanded the idea to other markets throughout Asia. Each new destination became his mission for mosquito control. EMM has serviced many homes and over 43 resorts in the United States, Thailand, the Caribbean, Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia, across 5-years of work.  

Most recently Mark took the mission to projects in Mexico, and Florida, helping local homeowners, hotels, and resorts control their mosquito problem. 

AMCA (American Mosquito Control Association) Video: Why we need mosquito control