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Eco Mosquito Mission was born in Bali, Indonesia, when I was looking for a natural way to protect my newly transplanted family from an environment ripe with mosquitoes.


 I attended a seminar at the Green School in Bali, led by one of the world’s leading experts in eco-mosquito control.  A few weeks later, we met at a party, and we started working together. 

After so many years working in scientific editing, I felt that I had found my calling. Something I could truly believe in and pursue that would benefit the Earth, by teaching people not to use toxic insecticides and fight the mosquito in a natural way. A mission of protecting my neighbors and clients from the world’s most deadly creature.

Years later and I’ve taken what I learned from working in Bali, and added my own research and work in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, along with various destinations throughout the US and Southeast Asia. Each year I travel back to Bali to do research on mosquitoes.

My method revolves around reducing or eliminating breeding on your property. I do so with a natural strategy of adjusting various breeding sites such as drains, pool systems, gutters, fence lines, hardscape and landscape features, roof lines, low spots, and various features of home and garden. I supplement this work with eco-friendly larvicide and some of my own proprietary products that disrupt the patterns of the mosquito, such as eco-mission mulch and oil. I work with my clients hand-in-hand to create custom plans for each client and also offer seasonal mosquito plans for both residential and commercial properties.

I look forward to meeting you and bringing Eco Mosquito Mission to your home or business property.

Mark Miklosovich



initial inspection

We start with an intensive inspection of the breeding and hiding sites on your property.  Many elements of your home and garden can factor into this inspection.  A detailed proposal will be presented for service at that time or the first availability.


After the initial inspection, EMM will take immediate steps to reduce your mosquito population with changes and adjustments to home and garden via eco-mission larvicide, mulch and oil. Additional changes such as landscape adjustment and cleanup will be executed as proposed.

maintenance plan

As part of the standard treatment plan, a larvicide program will be continued every 2-4 weeks by EMM.  Adjustments to home and garden breeding problems will also be made at the time of follow-up.

seasonal mosquito plan

EMM’s second treatment option is an initial treatment, followed by the presentation of a complete seasonal mosquito training plan for your property. This will include step-by-step instructions for weekly maintenance, photos/videos and the entire season's access to EMM’s founder via email/text or phone.  With the seasonal mosquito plan you will have all of the tools to stay on top of your mosquito problem.



EMM offers several products to reduce the mosquito traffic in your home space, including the mosquicrow, eco-mission mulch and eco-mission oil to accompany the primary control services offered by Eco Mosquito Mission.

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I  lead free Zoom seminars to help educate the community about mosquitos and the ecological control approaches that I take. Email me for the latest seminar schedule.


I hope we will have a chance to meet so that I can provide the best possible plan for mosquito control at your home or business.

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

215. 917. 5949

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