Eco Mosquito Mission Testimonials

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Baru Redana, Property Manager for Bali Villas

Bali, Indonesia

"I have managed 7-10 private villas in Bali for the past five years and a common complaint with guests is often about the mosquitoes we have here year-round. The local explanation is to tolerate them or use spraying that never seems to work. EMM came to each of our locations and created a plan and a solution for controlling the mosquito population."

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Charlotte and Flo,  Owners of Above the Clouds

Bali, Indonesia

"EMM visited our three business locations in Bali during a bad period of mosquitoes, in fact, the week before Mark came there were several reported cases of dengue near us.  The EMM process was easy to understand and after the free inspection, we decided to proceed with a full application of the EMM method. We've been very happy with the results.  Talk about a significant reduction in mosquitoes and at just a portion of the cost we used to spend for spraying."

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Eric Goldstein, Manager of Cape Fahn Hotel 

Koh Samui, Thailand

"Bravo.  Before EMM we spent tens of thousands of dollars every year for spraying that some of my guests told me made them feel sick. I always felt like I was in a bind between using pesticides and nothing at all which left my resort overrun with mosquitoes.  EMM put in extensive time and effort to figure out the root of our problem. My resort staff is now part of the EMM method and we get updates and semi-annual inspections to make sure we are staying on track. I can't say enough good things about Eco Mosquito Mission."

Koh Phangan resort testimonial pic.jpg

Apinya Doğan, Manager of Santhiya Koh Phangan Resort and Spa

Koh Phangan, Thailand 

"Our resort had a serious mosquito problem. One guest review called it an epidemic and we thought we were doing everything in our power to treat the problem but EMM showed us a new and better way to treat the issue.  The method requires some vigilance but now we have a greatly reduced mosquito population and the peace of mind that we're no longer using toxic pesticides." 

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Abid bin Razif, Manager of Danna Langkawi Resort 

Pantai Kok, Malaysia

"EMM doesn't promise any magical solution. What they do instead is to inspect and analyze your property as experts in mosquito habitat and then systematically eliminate them.  Within a few days time, we started to see results and we continue to use the  EMM methods for over three years now.  We're very happy we started working with EMM in 2015."